Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lesson Planning

Lesson planning takes practice, and for those who have done very little, if any, what worries you the most about the process? Those of you who have done some lesson planning, what advice can you give to others?

I definitely fall into the category of having done little lesson planning. What worries me most about the process..... hmmmmm let me think - well just about everything! Lets see here is a list of the things that I could think of.

- Detail - how much detail to put in, you cant practically write a script for each lesson you do but as a new teacher I would love to be able to take a complete script in with me as a security blanket.
- Length, OMG the lesson is only half way through and we have finished my lesson already!!!!
- Complexity - nobody will understand what you are a talking about and you end up needing massive amounts of scaffolding to implement the plan. Alternately, you start going through what you are going to cover through the lesson and get told by the students that they covered everying two years ago.
- Visibilty - is this document going to end up being seen by everyone including the principal as an example of the planning that you do?
 - Subject matter - is this thing even going to be relevant to the students and the curriculum.
- Adoption by students - are the activities planned going to work with this group of students.
- Time - am I going to have time to write out lesson plans for all of the lessons that I have to do?
- Relevance - is there any point to writing out this document - every time I do a lesson I never even have time to refer to my lesson plan.

Does anyone else have any interesting ones ? If so leave them as a comment below.


At January 26, 2015 at 4:59 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Gary,
Lesson planning is always a skill that you do get better at. There are some really good sites around that have sample lessons that give you a good idea for the issues you outlined above.
In Western Australia there are a variety of different sites that help new in service teachers.
I have done a blog post about these resources please fee lfree to have a look:


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